August Quarterly “Big Quarterly” Worship Service

  • Start: 2019-08-25 9:00 am
  • End: 2019-08-25 1:00 pm

August Quarterly, also called Big Quarterly, is an annual celebration to commemorate the founding of the Union Church of Africans, the first African American Church (Founder:  Rev. Peter Spencer), independently incorporated 1813, in the United States.  It is a celebration of religious freedom, and the right of peaceable assembly.   Simply put, it is a celebration of African American Religious freedom in the United States. 

The August Quarterly, which began in 1814, became a kind of Independence Day for Black people on the Delmarva Peninsula.  In fact, in the early years of the festival “abolitionists and Underground Railroad conductors of the stature of Thomas Garrett and Harriet Tubman were often in the Wilmington area to assist slaves who chose to escape”. 

There is no cost to attend

For more information contact Rev. Lawrence M. Livingston, Mother African Union Church, 812 N. Franklin Street, Wilmington, DE, 302-658-3838.